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About us

Experience the difference between ordinary and extraordinary !

We listen. We inform. And, we care about you. Why not make your next visit to Rejuvenation Spa and see this "extraordinary" experience for yourself.



What we offer

Every day, we find more and more ways to provide you with the ultimate experience in beauty and relaxation.

Rejuvenation Spa is perfect for anyone who feel exhausted, overworked, tired or simply need some time out to rest, replenish, restore and rejuvenate.  Your individual needs are taken into total consideration so we can maximize your rest and rejuvenation experience.

It is our greatest wish that we aim to soothe your nervous system, calm your mind, release body tension, relax your organs, improve the quality of your breath, replenish energy levels, balance chakra’s and allow your body, mind and soul to feel supported and deeply rested.